Monday, December 28, 2015

Comet Pub and Lanes at Suburban Plaza Update

 Comet Pub and Lanes in the recently reinvigorated Suburban Plaza.

 Twenty years ago, Ethan Wurtzel and his family opened Twain’s, a restaurant poolhall combination that has become a Decatur favorite. Now, they’re branching out and starting a new project: Comet Pub and Lanes in the recently reinvigorated Suburban Plaza.
 General manager, Ben Horgan, found a pair of size 15 bowling shoes and the original drink board that hung over the alley while cleaning up the now defunct Suburban Lanes.
 Wurtzel was familiar with running a poolhall, his father owned one in Philadelphia during Wurtzel’s childhood.
When he came to Atlanta to found his own business. Wurtzel wanted to create a poolhall just as his father had, with some added conveniences.
 He, his sister Thalia and his brother Uri partnered together to create Twain’s. They envisioned a poolhall with a bar and restaurant so that families could have fun while enjoying food and drink, something their father’s barebones pool establishment lacked.
 When Wurtzel first arrived, Decatur didn’t have many entertainment options besides eating at the restaurants scattered around the square.
 In the ‘90s, Decatur didn’t have its current award-winning restaurants and nightlife activities.
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