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The Decatur Theatre & Belk-Gallant circa 1972

What memories do you have of The Decatur Theatre and The Belk-Gallant store in Downtown Decatur Ga.  ............This photo is circa 1972.
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Sandra Wilkins Flournoy First scary movie there
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. Scared me to this day of the hand and head being chopped off.
Sandra Wilkins Flournoy
Sandra Wilkins Flournoy Many times shopping for clothes as a teen in Belk Gallant
Neil Shattles
Neil Shattles Belk's had great quality men's shirts at excellent prices. In high school 1960-65 I bought a lot of clothes there.
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Martha Lanier Toney
Martha Lanier Toney Saw gone with the wind there
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Martha Lanier Toney
Martha Lanier Toney Shopped at Belk
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Larry Gravitt
Larry Gravitt worked at decatur theatre in 1953 54
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Dorothy Haynes
Dorothy Haynes My friend's mother use to drop us off at the theater and my dad would pick us up. We went to see Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. We sat through it twice and staryed it a third time. My dad came in and dragged us out!!!!
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Henry Howard
Henry Howard Worked as a projectionist. Enjoyed watching the couples on the back row from above.
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Tom Ball
Tom Ball My dad was the Assistant manager and I worked every Christmas there
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Scottie Atkins Spry
Scottie Atkins Spry Remember going to the Saturday matinee with friends - news reels, cartoons, the works! Sometimes we got to browse the toy department at Belk's until time for our parents to pick us up. Oh, the days of the Barbie outfits - we were so excited when they got new clothes in!
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Eddie Mclendon
Eddie Mclendon Work at both
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Connie Roberts
Connie Roberts Went there many, many times. That old store rambled. Bill bought most of his clothes there.
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Kay Teien Blackstock
Kay Teien Blackstock I still have a button from Decatur Theater, 101 Dalmations (1960?). Shopped a lot with my mom at Belk's. Good memories.
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Steve Powell
Steve Powell Tony, my brother, and I would walk there every Saturday morning to the matinee that Dad didn't get us to mow the grass or rake leaves. Sometimes, we begged him to let us do the yard work when we got home. Remember the serials of Jungle Jim and Flash Gordon with Buster Crabb.
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Linda Lane Kennedy
Linda Lane Kennedy Remember it well!!
Beverly Burns
Beverly Burns Bought my first pair of jeans in the boys department at Belks!
Lynn Carper
Lynn Carper I remember seeing Elvis Presley in Kissing Cousins at the Decatur Theater. We did shop at Belk when we were over that way.
Ed Sauls
Ed Sauls Winning second place in the Simon Says contest when Officer Don came to the theater. Seeing The Creature From the Black Lagoon on Saturday morning.
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Ed Crook
Ed Crook David Cox and I worked at the Decatu theatre for several years at the concession stand. I ate more popcorn than I sold. Lots of fun....
Suzanne Hopkins Blievernicht
Suzanne Hopkins Blievernicht Loved Saturday matinees at the Decatur Theater when I was in charge of my rowdy younger siblings. Never understood the signs on the restrooms and water coolers at Belk Gallant that said "Whites only."
Helyn Hosch Kesler
Helyn Hosch Kesler We used to go to the movie and then afterwards we'd use the phone in Belk's to get a ride home. I remember the ladies that worked there didn't like that!
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Margie Peacock Hardy
Margie Peacock Hardy Saw lots of movies at the theater and remember shopping at Belk's often. I saved up babysitting money & bought a new bedspread & curtains at Belk's when I was in the 5th grade. It felt so good to buy them with MY money! I remember playing on the stairs & going down them on our bottoms! Lots of great memories in Decatur!
Rebecca Ransbotham-Gaines
Rebecca Ransbotham-Gaines I remember mid 60's with Belks in Decatur my mom for sure did paying for clothes
Dot Barnes Kenimer
Dot Barnes Kenimer Yo-Yo contest at the theater!
Helyn Hosch Kesler
Helyn Hosch Kesler I saw Bestoink Dooley at a Saturday matinee!
Karen Herrington Woodall
Karen Herrington Woodall After the movies, we went to Belk's as well. We would be picked up at the back entrance, so we got to walk through the women's shoes which I loved! Fun memories.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones I was a foster kid, a ward of DeKalb County Family and Children's Services. DCFS had an account at Belk-Gallant which is where I went to buy all of my clothes.
Michael Waldrip
Michael Waldrip Saw all the beach party movies there and remember going to the yo yo clinics on Saturday mornings.
Elizabeth Thornton Wright
Elizabeth Thornton Wright A couple of our family members worked at the Belk-Gallent store.
Carol-Alan Welch
Carol-Alan Welch School shopping at Belks and movies at the theatre...good times
Ruthanne Mulvihill
Ruthanne Mulvihill Went to the movies all the time (first date place!) and worked at Belks on Friday nights and Saturdays for several years. Both hold wonderful memories, as does all of Decatur during the 50s. It has changed greatly since that time, but it is still a wonderful place.

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