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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Decatur Square Framing & Gallery (formerly Rose Squared) FOR SALE

  Decatur Square Framing & Gallery (formerly Rose Squared)  FOR SALE

JD Isaacs of

Decatur Square Framing & Gallery (formerly Rose Squared) is announcing that he will be closing the store on August 31, 2018. After 18 years in downtown Decatur, Decatur Square has become a thriving and important part of the community.

 JD is sorry to be leaving on one hand, but excited to retire from the business world and focus on other pursuits such as his own artwork and writing.  “I achieved what I wanted to achieve here on the square,’ he said. “I love the reaction when people wander into my space. They nearly always remark that the gallery is beautifully put together and a serene place to be. The diverse artwork I’ve shown here was always chosen to excite and appeal to the people of Decatur. 
   I have kick-started a few new artists in the gallery as well, and that has always made me happy. I hope that whoever takes over the building will continue that tradition.”

 A retrospective of JD Isaacs own drawings, paintings and 3 dimensional work will open on August 4 and run for 3 weeks. “This is the first time I’ve given myself a one man show in my own gallery,” he said. “I think it’s fitting that the last show be my own. I hope everyone comes by.”

Isaacs says that the business is up for sale if the right buyer comes along. For the many framing customers, Decatur Square will be taking in new framing until July 31. After that it will difficult to complete new projects. “Thanks so much for supporting me all these years,” Isaacs says to his community. “It has been a pleasure to sell my wares here and I hope to always be a part of Decatur in some way.”


Decatur Square Framing & Gallery
111 Clairemont Ave. (next to Decatur Visitors Center)
404 377-1414


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