Sunday, September 16, 2018

The Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade Satuday Sept. 22 2018


Everyone is always invited to make a lantern and walk in the Parade! The lantern parade is a creative collaboration based in community participation. Be the parade! Together, we create a two-mile river of light that can probably be seen from space! It is a wondrous night on the Atlanta BeltLine.

Parade line-up begins at 7pm at Irwin Ave. at the Eastside Trail. We step-off at 8pm and walk for two miles to our after-party at Park Tavern! At the start, expect some stop and go, as we pause the flow to let the bands and Krewe puppets have space. Take a look at the route map: 

You do need a lantern to walk in the parade! You don't need a lantern to watch the parade, but our sidelines are gorgeous these days! If you have never been before, you should know that Atlanta has some serious creative game! Invent your own masterpiece lantern or take a workshop hosted by Chantelle Rytter + Krewe. The workshop schedule and registration are at

We started the lantern parade in 2010 with 400 of our besties. Last year we had 60,000 of our besties! So, please mind these rules and your parade marshals to best enjoy your parade night, and to help the bands and the Krewe giant lantern puppets navigate the flow. 

Photo from The Decatur Lantern Parade

Lantern Parade Rules
1. You need a lantern to walk in the parade.
2. No passing. 
3. No stopping. If you need to stop, please step off to the side.
4. Please do not walk against the flow of the parade.
5. Yield generous space to bands and large lanterns. Mind the Marshals.
6. Leave your pets at home.
7. Please walk your bike.
8. No flying lanterns.
9. Take your trash with you.
10. Have a blast!

FAQ’s are answered at


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