Friday, October 10, 2008

Front Yard Halloween Displays in Decatur

This was one of the best Halloween decorated yards I saw last year in a front yard of a house in Decatur, Ga. near Winnona Park School.
That area always has some nice decorated yards each year.

Get outside and decorate those yards, I will be riding around the downtown Decatur area taking pictures.

Note: If you know a great decorated yard in Decatur area let me know where or send photo, or give me the link.


Nancy Wilkinson said...

Swing by Adair Street when you're out taking pictures - I'll be setting up my pirate ship this weekend, weather permitting, and adding to the display every day.

pictures from last year and so far this year at

Nancy Wilkinson said...

Also, I'm sure there will be a great display on King's Highway again. Can't remember the street address, but it's the same house that won the commissioner's cup for Christmas decorations