Thursday, January 29, 2009

Decatur start up aims to find the best blogs

Decatur start up aims to find the best blogs
Regator mines most interesting posts

Scott Lockhart (from left), Kimberly Turner and Chris Turner, founders of blog aggregator, often hold meetings around the kitchen table.


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Thursday, January 29, 2009 has an algorithm. has Kimberly Turner.
She’s 33, an Atlanta magazine writer, and curator of blogs on the young, Decatur-born aggregating Web site. On an Internet increasingly filled with noise and fluff, she sifts through hardly updated, long-forgotten, navel-gazing diatribes to find good writing and interesting discussions. She shuffles the best into categories on Regator, making it easier for users to find quality posts sorted by topic.

Since the site launched in August, she’s added more than 9,000 blogs to Regator categories, building each for quality, not quantity. Usually, she hunts blogs quietly, on the couch at home. For one week every month, she opens the site to nominations, and gets up to 400 suggestions per day.

Her rejection rate: about 75 percent.

Time consuming? Yes. But it also makes them different, says Turner, who launched Regator with her husband, Scott Lockhart, the site’s designer and business mind, and her younger brother, Chris Turner, the site’s techno-geek.

It was supposed to be a real estate blog aggregator (RE-gator, get it?), a side project for Lockhart and Chris Turner. But once Chris had written the code, well, “it kind of seemed silly,” Chris Turner says. “It wasn’t that much harder.” Topics range from parenting to hipsters to animal rights to cricket to gadgets to, yes, real estate.

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Regator is a great place to find interesting blogs.

Here is their blog.

Here is their web site.

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