Friday, October 15, 2010

Wells Fargo & Co. is About to Show it's Name

Decatur, GA

Photo above is Wells Fargo's new sign in Decatur
Welcome to Decatur Wells Fargo.
Name change due to Wells Fargo and Wachovia merger.

By Rachel Tobin

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wells Fargo & Co. is about to make its name in metro Atlanta.
On Saturday, the San Francisco-based bank will begin installing the biggest branding symbols in its history at a prime location next to the Downtown Connector.

A construction helicopter will lift three massive signs atop the building at 171 17th Street in Atlantic Station that used to sport the Wachovia name.

Wells Fargo bought Wachovia in 2009 and is completing the brand overhaul. Wachovia’s signs were removed in September.

The new north and south facing signs on the building are 11 feet tall, while the Wells Fargo logo facing the interstate measures 27 by 29 feet.This sign, recently photographed in Virginia Beach, Va., will replace Wachovia signs atop the office tower at 171 17th Street in Atlantic Station. Signs, including this one that measures 27 feet high by 29 feet wide, are the largest that Wells Fargo has ever installed on one of its office buildings.

photo credit: Wells Fargo

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Look for the new signs in Decatur.

Some long time residents of Decatur will remember this building as being Decatur Federal.
Through out the years it's been many banks First National Bank, First Union merged with Wachovia and they kept the Wachovia name.

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