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Monday, August 25, 2014

Cozy Burger Town to Close and Starbucks will Open at Suburban Plaza

Selig Enterprises is looking to add a Starbucks Coffee to Suburban Plaza.  Sadly though, for some Decatur residents, the Starbucks will open on land currently occupied by Cozy Burger Town, a restaurant with a seemingly cult-like following.  A second Cozy Burger Town opened last summer in Northlake Mall's food court, but clearly it would not be an alternative for most in Decatur. 

A 1750 square foot Starbucks with a drive-thru has been proposed for the site in Suburban Plaza, but has not yet been approved by all involved.  While it's doubtful the neighborhood will stand up and speak out so vocally about the demise of Cozy Burger Town as they did with Walmart, I have no doubt there will be at least some debate. 
 Signage posted on Cozy Burger Town indicates the restaurant will be closed today Monday August 25th through Monday September 1st, with plans to reopen for lunch on Tuesday the 2nd.  One would-be customer I spoke with at the restaurant today was sad to see her go-to burger joint closed.  I informed her it was to be replaced by a Starbucks and she was not thrilled.  I also informed her (somehow ,this was still news) that a Walmart Supercenter was coming and that news was met with great excitement. 

Cozy Burger Town opened in early 2010, replacing the short-lived One Love Diner, in a "hut" that originally housed Pizza Hut. 
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