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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Two Nice Lunchs

 I missed this last week, its a story about eating lunch at two nice
places, Spice to Table and Leon's
The last two weekends have been quite nice. While slightly chilly, the sun has been shining and it feels like a time to go out and do something. Maybe the belt line? Have you been to the belt line? OMG stampede on the belt line towards Krog Street Market!?!? God help the children trying to buy ice cream at Jeni’s, though the poor souls in the hour long Yalla line look prepared for dispatchment.
We decided to try Spice to Table just up the road at the Studioplex. It’s a small space, more approachable than Asha’s former restaurant on Northside, with a smattering of limited small plates to be ordered counter-service style. I missed out on the fried chicken, but ordered some small plates to share with the family. I really enjoyed it. It made me think of Dynamic Dish – soulful food, alive with flavor and zero guilt. I look forward to my return.
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