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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

As David Letterman retires, fans hope Jay Leno will appear on final ‘Late Show’

 SAY IT ain’t nay, Jay!

It remains unclear whether David Letterman’s longtime foil Jay Leno will help the gap-toothed comic sign off for the last time Wednesday night.

You can’t help late-night TV fans — including this critic — for wanting the kind of closure that a Leno appearance would provide.

The late-night warhorses who fought for so long against each other — Leno at “The Tonight Show” from 1992-2014 and Letterman at “The Late Show” from 1993 until Wednesday — don’t hang out. They don’t go for drives in one of Leno’s 700 cars.

But they are forever linked in American entertainment history, like two men who served in the same elite television army unit.

They rose to prominence in the L.A. comedy scene in the late 1970s, reaching the pinnacle of TV acceptance with appearances on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show.”

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