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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Scott Drive-In was Decatur's First Drive-In Theatre opened in Sept. 1951

First Drive-In Theatre in Decatur, GA. opened  65 years ago.

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The above picture of the entrance of the Scott Drive-In was located at the corner of Scott Blvd. & the Lawrenceville Hwy

This is a newspaper article about the Grand opening of The Scott-Drive-In Theatre.

A new asset to Decatur's impressive list of modern business establishments has been added in the Scott Drive Theatre at the intersection of Scott Blvd and the Lawrenceville Hwy.
Set in a natural amphitheatre and partially enclosed by a cresent-shaped backdrop of trees, the new drive-in is one of the most beautiful anywhere in the south. It opened Monday.
With 550 automobile positions, the new outdoor movie has 12 parking ramps. Elevated and tilted to give the viewer just the right view of the screen, the ramps are close enough so that customers at the rear can get a clear picture.

Community Theatres Corporation who built the new drive-in have secured the very latest of equipment and designs for their movies.
Frederick G. Story, president of Community Pictures, says that the Scott's big concession stand is probably the best designed in this area.
We studied many oother drive-in concession stands and elimated all of their mistakes in ours he said.
Features of the concession house are the comfortable rest rooms, public telephones,cigarette machines and cafeteria style service.

The sound equipment the speakers which the drive-in customer hangs from his auto window is R C A which Mr. Story says is the best of it's kind. And he adds that the Scott's movie screen is the largest in the Metropolitan area.

The opening night had some 550 cars which is a full house.
1000 cars were turned away that first night.

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Cessaly D Hutchinson said...

Nothing like nostalgia from a bygone era. Happy memories.