Thursday, August 14, 2008

“Saving Bookstores is Awesome!!!

Wordsmiths Books in Decatur, GA announces partial list of contributors to Silent Auction of Robots as part of their“Saving Bookstores is Awesome!!! Night of Awesome!!!!”, FridayAugust 15

For the first night of their “Save OurBookstore” fundraising weekend, August 15, Wordsmiths Books in Decatur,GA has an evening of robot-themed activity planned. In addition to local authorJack Pendarvis reading from his new robot-themed novel Awesome and beloved indie-rock bandSealions performing music, the bookstore will be holding a silent auction ofvarious hand-crafted robot-themed goods.

Some notable contributors of items for the silent robotauction include:

---Local folk-pop musician Wayne Fishell(, who, with his band The Wayne Fishell experiment, hasperformed at Wordsmiths Books many times (most recently for their Black And RedProm)

---Decatur artists Mark Frey (,who predominantly works in acrylic painting brightly colored works. Thisrobot painting is a departure from his usual human figures and landscapes,though all have this same type of fun atmosphere. “Who isn’t a fanof Rosie from the Jetson’s?” he asks, “Robots are justso cool!”

---Minneapolis-based fashion designer, poet and essayistBarrett Johanneson, who has contributed “pocket poems” which havebeen decorated with robot designs.

---Atlanta art collective CHRIS HAMER (, ANDREWBELLURY ( TED MURPHY (, Andrew and Ted will be on hand “drawing robots in style with somesort of sex appeal or dorkiness”.

--- 11 year old Noah Smith, who has contributed the“i-Bot”, which comes complete with accessories.

All robots will be available to bid on all evening on August15.

Anyone wishing to contribute a robot of any media or in anyform or fashion still has time to do so, and should contact Russ Marshalek atWordsmiths Books (russ@wordsmithsbooks.comor 404-378-7166).

For further information on Wordsmiths Books Fundraiserweekend, August 15-17, or on their “Save Our Bookstore” campaign,visit


Russ Marshalek
Marketing/Publicity Director
Wordsmiths Books
545 N McDonough
Decatur, GA 30030

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