Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Wordsmiths Books, in Decatur, GA announces“Saving Bookstores is AWESOME!!! Night of AWESOME!!!!” fundraiserweekend night 1, August 15, with Jack Penda

One day after launching their “Save OurBookstore” campaign, Wordsmiths Books in Decatur, GA announces plans forthe first night of their forthcoming full-weekend fundraiser, to take placeAugust 15-17th.

Kicking off said fundraising weekend of events on Friday,August 15, at 7:30 PM, Wordsmiths Books, in conjunction with PASTE Magazine andsouthern literary blog BabyGotBooks.com, is presenting a night they’vedubbed the “Saving Bookstores is AWESOME!!! Night of AWESOME!!!!”.Presenting from his first full-length novel titled Awesome, a hilarious and irreverent love story with a robotprotagonist (which serves as the thematic base for the evening’s events),will be local humorist author Jack Pendarvis. Fittingly, Pendarvis was one ofthe first authors to ever present on the Wordsmiths stage. FollowingPendarvis’s reading, Atlanta Indie-rock favorites Sealions will perform.To conclude the evening’s events, Wordsmiths will be hosting a“silent robot auction”, in which artisan robots of varying shapes,materials and forms, handcrafted by local businesses, entities, celebrities andindividuals will be silent auctioned to benefit Wordsmiths “Save OurBookstore” fund. Any individuals or groups wishing to create a robot ofany sort to donate to the silent auction are asked to contact Wordsmithsdirector of marketing, Russ Marshalek, at russ@wordsmithsbooks.com

Further details regarding the rest of the fundraisingweekend are forthcoming, and will be detailed both on Wordsmiths Books homepage, wordsmithsbooks.com, and the Wordsmiths blog, blog.wordsmithsbooks.com

For more information regarding Wordsmiths Books fundraisingweekend and the “Save Our Bookstore” campaign, visitwordsmithsbooks.com

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