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Monday, July 13, 2015

Krog Street Tunnel Rebound

    File photo.
It's been nine months since clandestine swarms of angry locals whitewashed the
Krog Street Tunnel as pushback against a private masquerade that many felt was improperly put together and would cut off access to the area on a Saturday night. With another Krog Masquerade now scheduled for October, it seemed like an opportune time to wander the famed subterranean spray-paint gallery and see what's become of it. The answer: The tunnel is what it's been for years, a bastion of elaborate graffiti pieces, commissioned murals, pasted-up promotional posters, hastily done tags and vulgar doodles. Layers upon layers of all that. But if you look at the fringes, in some places, you'll see that a base of rolled-on gray defiantly remains. see photos here

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