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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Champs Bar & Grill Decatur, GA. 1987

Champs Bar & Grill was located in the old Belk-Gallant building 21 years ago.

What they need to do now is build a vintage metal canopy over the entrance to this building.
But it needs to be metal not canvas, canvas will fade in one year.
This vintage look would go good with this building.
and while I'm talking about that, they need to rebuild the Decatur Theatre,right next to it in that parking lot. (Original site of The Decatur Theatre)
They could still build those condo's on top of Theatre.
If they did that you would see more movies made in Decatur, Film-makers are always looking for old looking towns and this city block would be great, Hey it might even be a money maker.

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